Gorbel Ergonomic Cranes

Work Station Cranes

Gorbel is one of the most trusted names in crane technology.

Gorbel work station bridge cranes are a proven solution for increasing worker productivity, increasing product quality, and providing a safer work environment for your employees. Gorbel cranes feature a pre-engineered, modular design that can easily expand with your operations. The cranes are designed to move smoothly with very little operator effort which results in an apparatus that requires no electricity to power the bridge. Pre-engineered cranes can decrease worker fatigue, save you money, and make your facility a safer place to work.

The Many Types of Gorbel Ergonomic Cranes

Work station cranes are designed to handle the toughest overhead lifting tasks. Gorbel’s free standing models can be installed on any reinforced concrete floor at least 6-inches thick. Ceiling mounted cranes can be installed from almost any existing ceiling structure in your facility.  

Along with the Gorbel work station cranes, Power and Motion offers several different hoists, Gorbel G-Force intelligent lifting devices, and custom pendant tooling. We are fully equipped to design and install an ergonomic crane system based on your requirements; call today for a custom ergonomic crane quote including turn-key installation.

Power and Motion’s Crane Solutions

Power and Motion provides overhead lifting solutions for every application:

  • Gorbel Crane Design
  • Gorbel Crane Sales
  • Gorbel Crane Installation 

The Power and Motion sales team, based in Atlanta, GA, has designed, sold, and installed Gorbel cranes for over 18 years. We provide layout and design assistance, AutoCAD drawings of the ergonomic crane, and a mechanical installation of the Gorbel crane system itself. If you have questions about our ergonomics capabilities, give us a call today.

Gorbel Crane Video

Ergonomic Crane Features

  • Gorbel cranes increase productivity and reduce fatigue
  • Capacities are available from 150 to 4000 lbs
  • Bridge lengths up to 34', and runway lengths are virtually unlimited
  • Modular construction so the system can grow with your business
  • 5 year warranty
  • Quick ship!
  • Increased safety for your employees
  • AutoCAD layouts of all projects 
  • Local sales, engineering, and installation support!