Package Handling Lifts – Series DB

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Package Handling Lifts – Series DB

The Series DB Lift provides fast, safe lifting of small loads and packages.

Inclined conveyors take up precious space.  Economical, self-supporting, and completely self -contained, this lift saves space, and integrates easily with automated systems.  Smooth, quiet operation is achieved by using a minimal maintenance counterweighted lifting mechanism.  Long life chains have synthesized hydrocarbon lubrication.

The Series DB can lift up to 100 lb. live loads with a throughput of four loads per minute.  Carriage sizes are available up to 3’ x 3’, and can be unloaded and loaded from three sides.  Travel speeds range from 60 fpm to 400 fpm, and the vertical rise extends to 50’.  An optional variable frequency drive package ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration control in high-speed, automated systems.

Long-term performance is assured with durable, high-quality construction.  Workers and materials are protected by the standard full-height safety enclosure.  And all Series DB lifts meet ASME B20.1 code.

Primarily servicing the Southeast, Power and Motion is based in Atlanta, and can assist you with your package handling lift needs.