Series 21 Hydraulic Mezzanine Lifts

Vertical lifting solutions to improve your workflow

PFlow Series 21 Hydraulic Mezzanine Lifts

The Series 21 Lift provides efficient, safe vertical handling for loads up to 6,000 lbs.  A remote-mounted electric pump motor actuates the two hydraulic cylinders which are mounted on guide columns.  As these cylinders lift and lower the carriage, a torsion bar links the cylinders together to ensure carriage remains level at all times.


  • A lifetime structural warranty is standard on all PFlow VRC's
  • Maximum  strength is achieved by using 6” wide flange structural steel for the columns
  • All columns are custom designed for the specific project and may ship in multiple pieces


  • Conforms to ASME B20.1 Safety Standard for Conveyors
  • In the event of power loss, check valves hold the carriage in position, while velocity fuses prevent uncontrolled descent in the event of power loss
  • If the carriage is loaded to more than 110% of capacity, overload protection will prevent the rise of the carriage
  • Each gate or door comes equipped with elevator approved interlocks
  • Protection at the upper level is provided by a shaft-way safety barrier, and safety cams with hardened teeth engage the column to prevent a carriage free fall


  • Heavy tube and channel with 3/16” deck plate allow carriage sizes to 10’ x 10’
  • A snap chain, drop bar or gate (optional) protects the open end of the carriage
  • 84” expanded metal or stainless steel is optional on carriage sides.  48” handrails are standard


  • All Series 21 lifts have heavy-duty expanded metal safety enclosures supplied as standard
  • 8’ overall height and around the VRC perimeter is the standard design


  • 22’ vertical rise heights
  • Lifts loads up to 6,000 lbs.


  • Your exact needs and application specifications are part of the customized design of each PFlow lift
  • PFlow engineers review each VRC design for proper application

Code Approval Guarantee

  • PFlow Industries has 16,000 vertical lifts installed worldwide and no PFlow unit has ever been shut down for lack of elevator code compliance.
  • We guarantee that should your PFlow VRC be cited for lack of elevator code compliance - PFlow will help you solve the conflict or repurchase the equipment at your full purchase price.

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